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I suppose this is what happens when one fails to read all of the little tabs on a page one creates using a template one is not terribly fond of.  It is not that this “Passenger” page style is terrible, but neither is it amazing.  It does seem rather late to be updating this about thing.  And rather useless as well.  After all, if you are here, you know this is a blog.  If you are already following me, you know, given my oh so clever page name, that I am both a gal, and grumpy.  If you have read a blog post or two, you know that there was supposed to be some commitment to gratitude here, and that said commitment would totally transform my being into a glowing ball of sunshine and gratitude for the fact that this life I am living, is indeed mine.


As you can tell, this whole gratitude thing is working out brilliantly so far.  No worries.  I’ll get back to ya’ll about it later.  Check out my Instagram: @hummingbirdhillhomespun if you want to do more following.  Plus. there are pictures!