A whole bunch of words…

I don’t like the format I currently have for this blog.  (Way to start with the negative…) However, I am so grateful that there are a plethora of other options.  I just haven’t found one that seems to fit as yet.  The titles of the themes for blogs seem to be trying so hard to mean something.  Should I go with VERIFY, MOOD, OVATION, BUTTON 2 (I have no idea who hit button 1 and what happened to it), WANDERER, MAXWELL, MELODY, PATCH, SAGA, TOGETHER, HEART and STYLE, PASSENGER.  Does the wrong theme name mean that the blog will be nothing more than meaningless words?  Much like those cliche wall hanging words “Live, Laugh, Love,” if I have to read the words to remember to actually live and laugh…I think there’s a bigger issue that words on a wall won’t solve.

Then again, I am the one who’s the grumbling grump.  I think “Get off your arse and stop grumbling,” might be more impactful as far as words on the wall go, but that’s just me.  I am grateful I have not yet resorted to words on a wall to remind me to live.  Maybe it is because my drawing teacher in college said that words in paintings were cheap and lazy. Like the drawing should speak without the words or something…I’m a terrible artist, so I thought spelling it out would help the “art.”  I’m pretty sure my attempts at art spoke mostly to the garbage can.

Today we visited my mom’s 94 year old aunt.  Her husband passed away, and she is ready to join him.  We took her a mocha, an apple turnover, and two pedicure gift certificates which I got from the nail place which smelled, fittingly, like feet.  I am not sure what else I have to say about that.

The pug is scratching at the office door.  She thinks it is time for a walk.  Since it is dark and freezing out, she will not actually want to go out the door, but I should probably go take her.  After all, she is hard to resist. (Oh, that’s not a picture of the pug, but my computer and phone are not playing nicely, so you’ll have to settle for one of the buff orpingtons).



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I’m just someone trying to figure out how to juggle ten acres, work, a mama with stage four cancer, and a whole lot of grumpy. This blog started out as “Grumpy Gal’s Guide to Gratitude,” but since all I really keep typing about is the garden, I figured I might as well own it! So, thanks for joining me as I try and figure out how the heck to kick myself in the booty and get on with life.

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